Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware! Political Meanderings!

My personal notes to liberal celebrities currently in the news.  (You may want to stop reading now if you're a democrat or otherwise offended by conservative ramblings.  Also stop if you are a Matt Damon lover.)

Dear Charles Gibson,

You are a biased idiot.  I find your patronizing facial expressions offensive and your manner demeaning.  You may think you're just being a good journalist, but you don't have to be a condescending jerk.


A disappointed viewer

Dear Matt Damon,

I liked you, but your entitled attitude upsets me.  I wasn't aware that when dinosaurs lived was such an important political issue.  I will not be basing my vote on a candidate's beliefs regarding dinosaurs.  I believe there are much more pressing issues to follow in this campaign, ones that are actually relevant.  Oh yeah, and I think your comments are "absurd."


An ex-fan

Dear Lindsey Lohan,

Are you serious?  Since when did you believe that anyone took you seriously?  I don't even know what to say to you.  I think you're crazy.


At a loss for words

Lake Powell!

Well, we got back from our only vacation this summer.  It was tons of fun and so relaxing.  We went with Hans' family for a whole week.  Tons of thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for making it all happen.  James did so well the entire trip.  We had a blast.

Hans, James, Emily, and Cooper going for a swim.  

James hates the water, but he sure loved his ride on the molecule.

James got a diaper rash toward the end of the week, so he spent quite a bit of time in the nude.

Suckers were our saving grace and James favorite treat.  It just made everything a sticky mess.