Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did I forget to mention . . .

It's a girl!


This year I felt like Fall flew by. We did manage to enjoy the beautiful weather just a bit before winter started settling in. We went on a little hike at Cascade Springs.

My two little boys. Noah is missing a shoe because he walked right into a swamp a few minutes earlier.

Pumpkin carving with the cousins.

Halloween, before the weather turned terrible.

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell in September and had such a blast. The boys made an extreme slip and slide and it was a huge hit.

Both the boys loved playing in the sand. Noah especially loved being almost naked the whole time.

James was ok with the water as long as he was not actually in it.

James with a few cousins, Hudson and Cooper.

We discovered a new passion of James'. Fishing. Who knew? I'm not sure he would actually like catching real fish, but he sure loved casting and reeling it in.


A few months ago, we went to Idaho and spent some time in Yellowstone. It was a nice to get away for a few days and the boys loved it as you can tell in the following picture.

James and his cousin Lydia checking out the hot pots.