Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday, we went shopping with James' cousins.  He did great considering the long day and nap deprivation.  We found some cute outfits for the boys to wear in their pictures tomorrow.  Oh boy!  That's going to be a blast.  It was so nice to spend some time outside with this beautiful weather we finally get to enjoy.

James sat on the horse with a little help from Grandma.  It took a minute for him to feel comfortable, but he got the hang of it.
I had a hard time getting both boys to look at the camera at the same time.  This is the best we were able to get.  Hudson wasn't exactly smiling.  I think he was too busy trying to get the elephant to go somewhere.
Next was the truck.  James got the hang of this one really quick.  He loved rocking back and forth and trying to grab the steering wheel.  He loves his big trucks just like his dad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ok, I have officially started a blog.  I know it's supposed to be from me and Hans, but he will probably never have an interest in looking at this, let alone posting.  So, you just get me.

This last week has been eventful.  The day James turned nine months old, he got his first stitches.  It was just two little ones and it wasn't a big deal, but as a mom, it was very traumatic for me.  I probably cried over it more than he did.  I can't believe that I have never had stitches in my life and already, my nine month old baby has had them.  I promise I'm a good mom, I just have a trouble maker on my hands.  He is definitely his father's son.  If you look really close in this picture, you can see his stitches on the side of his head.

Last week, we went to Moab.  We did some hiking, four-wheeling, swimming, and enjoyed some good old chuckwagon cooking.  James loved his new carrier and Hans loved carrying him, kind of.

That's Hans and James way down underneath the arch.  I stayed back to take the picture and was nervous as could be watching them wander around all those steep cliffs.

James fell asleep on the way back.  It was so pitiful.

James' cousin Kaden took this picture at the Bar M Chuckwagon dinner.  Oh my, that was some good cookin'.  This was about five minutes before James threw up his entire dinner all over the table and all over himself.  Such is the life of having little ones I guess.