Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures. . . YAY!!

I finally got the pictures from my camera onto the computer. It was a long process, but I can finally show you four months' worth of pictures. This post is kind of a jumble of some of my favorite pictures of the past little while. So you get to see Noah grow up to 4 months old (and James' crazy antics) in just one post. Lucky you!

The day we got home from the hospital. Try not to pay attention to me. I just had a baby two days before.

I love this picture! James gets a kick out of posing with Noah.

Just another one of the two brothers.

Apparently, James aspires to be a plumber. Hans can't leave tools around if he ever wants to see them again because James picks them up and puts them to work. If you look close you can see a wrench in his right hand.

Noah's blessing day. We never did get a great picture of him that day. So sad!

My three boys!

Easter egg hunt. James got into it a lot more than I thought he would. He picked up on the concept pretty quick and went crazy.

Showing off the spoils!

Just a great picture of Noah. In this picture, I think he really looks like Hans.

James apparently cannot be left alone with milk and Cheerios for any amount of time. Look close and you can see a drop of milk running down his forehead.

Just another cute one of my boys. Noah is about three months old in this picture. I can't believe how the time flies.

My little thumb sucker. I know it's not a great habit, but I think it's so darn cute!

This is one of the last pictures we took in our house. So sad! It's a rare moment to see James actually eating something, so enjoy it while you can.

This last weekend, we went to the Orem Summerfest. It's one of my favorite times of year and now that James is old enough to enjoy it, it's even better. He rode on this little roller coaster with his cousin, Brooklyn. This was at the start of the ride.

As the ride went on, he started acting funny. Each time he went around, he slumped down a little more and zoned out a little more. I couldn't decide if he was sick or falling asleep. Either way, he was just fine when he got off and eager to go on more rides.

The car ride was a huge hit. The carnival was a blast and we'll definitely have to make it a tradition.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our House!

So sad! We're leaving it for good this weekend. I never anticipated forming such an emotional attachment to our house, but it almost makes me cry thinking about leaving it in the hands of someone else. As much as I complained about how it was so small, I'm going to miss it like crazy. We've lived here for over three years, almost as long as we've been married. We brought both our boys home to this house and we put a ton of work into to make it how we like it.

Someday we'll drive by and show our kids the first house we lived in. They'll wonder how we lived with two kids in something so small, Hans will complain about how the owners have the the lawn go and I might shed a few tears. We will miss this house, but it's time to move on.