Friday, March 20, 2009

For Real?

Normally, I pretty much agree with the American Idol judges, but I'm pretty sure we aren't watching the same performance when this guy steps on stage. I feel for Randy Travis and of course, the great Johnny Cash. At least this week, Simon got it right as opposed to singing his praises like the week before. Sick! If you don't watch American Idol, check this out. You'll understand what I mean.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family of Four

I meant to update this a lot sooner, but we've had computer problems and we had to take it in to get fixed. Also, I have tons of cute pictures of the boys at home, but my camera seems to be having problems and I can't upload the pictures to my computer. Lucky for all of you, we took the boys to get their pictures taken on Saturday, so I can at least post those. James was great for about ten minutes and then it was all downhill from there. We didn't really get any great ones of the two of them together, but we got a few great individual pictures. Too bad Noah looks dead in this picture and you can see the hand of the lady trying to keep James in the picture.

This first month has been great. James is slowly adjusting to being a big brother. We're dealing with a lot more tantrums and he is spending a lot more time in time out than he used to, but he keeps getting better every day. He loves his brother, but doesn't love the lack of attention.

Noah is growing super fast. He's gained about 2 lbs since he was born and has more gas than any kid I've ever known (I guess he inherited more from his dad than just the dimple in his chin). He is such a good baby and I'm trying to enjoy every second because this time around, I know just how fast it goes by. It's so fun, but not without it's challenges.